How WordPress Website Club Works?

Here’s how it works: after paying a membership fee, visitors have full access to the best WordPress themes and plugins we have, all the tools necessary to creating a professional-looking, powerful website by themselves, all at a lower cost than most professional website development fees.

What is WordPress Themes & WordPress Plugins?

WordPress themes are website templates that create the overall appearance of your web pages, while WordPress plugins are specifically-developed features that power your website’s backend, or the coding that helps your website accomplish useful functions, like a shopping cart, inventory database, social media sharing options, and others.

If you’ve ever created a blog using WordPress, you’ll know that you can customize the design of your blog pages using a ‘drag-and-drop’ system which doesn’t require advanced coding, programming or graphic design skills. In the same way, WordPress Website Club users can customize the wordpress themes and plugins anytime they want and use our themes and plugins for any number of websites they develop.

WordPress Website Club is Your One-Stop WordPress Resources Club

We provide wordpress resources, wordpress tutorials, articles, videos and WordPress blog posts to provide new and experienced WordPress users with creative ideas and practical advice in solving WordPress-related issues.

If we find that members are not happy with our selection of premium themes and plugins, they will receive a complete refund of their membership fee within 30 days after payment.

That’s how confident we are of our premium themes and plugins, each one of which we have personally tested and used in our own E-commerce websites and online stores!

We are eager to use our collection of themes, plugins, resources and coding expertise to help WordPress users around the world create websites that exceed their expectations and increase their expertise in how to use WordPress more creatively.