How to Test Out Your Business Idea Using WordPress

If you don’t have that much start-up capital to advertise your new business, don’t give up: a WordPress website with the right plugins can give you the tools you need to test your product or service in the market and get feedback early, without the risk of losing your start-up capital fruitlessly.

WordPress is an excellent platform on which to test the viability of your business idea because it provides you with the basic structure to start selling online in addition to sophisticated plugins that can help you measure responses to your brand and your brand content.


  1. Choose WordPress Plugins that serve your Business Model

Creating a website hosted by WordPress and building an attractive web interface for clients is half the battle won: now you have to choose plugins that are most suited to your business model. The WordPress Plugin directory contains loads of free plugin downloads, while various premium plugins are also available online with more advanced features.

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If you’re selling products online, look for plugins like WooCommerce or Marketpress (both free) and determine which plugins meet all or most of the demands of your business model.

If you’re a startup trying to raise money for a niche market venture, install a fundraising WordPress plugin like Fundit (available at in your website, immediately positioning you to receive and manage inquiries, feedback and funding in the introductory stages of business.

Choose carefully: install plugins that meet your core business functions while allowing expandability for more features on your website later.


  1. Choose WordPress Plugins that Indicate Your Brand’s/Website’s Performance

Now you need to get your hands on plugins that give you insight into everything about your website from the perspective of web visitors: from landing pages and synchronized pop-up offers to the shareable content on your pages.

Look for free WordPress plugins like Ads Campaigns that let you create and test Facebook ads and Remarketing Ads, or WordPress Landing Pages which lets you run A/B split tests, review conversions and other features to refine your landing pages and see what content and keywords catch the right targets.

Lastly, search engine optimization or SEO should be a familiar term to any web entrepreneur: there are several WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO (free) or the On-Page SEO WordPress Plugin (available at that can help your business website improve SEO, ensuring that you incorporate strategic keywords into all your website content with the goal of getting your website ranked high up on search results lists when potential customers type these keywords into the Google search engine.